Friday, November 15, 2013

Do you need a coach?

I (Nicky Wangsgard) forgot to mention what I'm doing for the 2014 cycling season. I recently became a proud mother of two beautiful twins, Sidney and Deklan. I am having the time of my life. They are sooo special. I'm spending more time at home with kiddos and putting more time into coaching. I have my level 3 coaching certification and coaching insurance. I'm also working on a level 2 rank.

If you need a coach, call me at 435-817-3939. Or email me at I charge $150.00 a month, which includes free access to training peaks.

I've recently teamed up with Felicia Gomez (Pinnacle Training Systems). Between my experience as an all-a rounder/sprinter and Felicia's climbing and time trailing expertise, I believe I can help you reach your cycling goals. Call me anytime.

Good luck....and thanks for reading.

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